BE-SPOKE Key Projects


  • Business Accounting &Finance
  • Materials Management
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • E-Commerce and Internet Marketing


  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

Personal Financial Planner for Canadian market – CANADA

Takes input regarding Personal details, educational requirement, Retirement, life insurance, cash flow, net worth, disability insurance etc. and calculates and print whole range of retirement planning reports along with graphical analysis.

Job Costing Software – UK

Entire functionalities of a Project / Job Costing module integrated with the Financial Accounting System

Jewelry Management System - INDIA

Retail Sales, Order Processing, Production & Inventory control, Invoicing, CRM, ISO processes for a Jewellery House

Practice Management System – UK

The system is a professional accountant’s time and fees package. Timesheets and expenses maybe entered to build work in progress against a client. Clients, prospects and contacts have an extensive contact management capability linked to MS-Office. Staff has productive and non-productive hours allowing for monitoring and career planning. Scanning of documents allows a workflow orientated paperless office. Web enabled timesheet and expense entry allows remote server updating. A web-based version (mainly the Time Sheet, WIP Allocation and Fees Allocation) is also developed to support the desktop version as well. Web based version will run both in Intranet and Internet accessing a centrally stored database. For Internet version, data will be stored to web database server which will be automatically pulled down through the application itself full maintaining the data integrity.

CRM for Radiology Centres– USA

Application help centres to receive cases from Hospitals, allocate them to radiologists and manage productivity. It has two way integration with RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archival and Communication System)

Personal Healthcare System - USA

It presents provider centric view of electronic medical record (EMR) and consumer centric view of personal health record (PHR). It enables transportability of medical information that every healthcare provider needs in order to render the highest level of medical care. It offers both mobile personal health information system as well as online care management tool providing clinicians with accurate information at the time of need. It provides a technical backbone for easy communication between patients, physicians, and health-care specialists.

European Taxation System - IRELAND

The system records all sources of income, allowances, and deductions applicable to an individual and computes the income tax. It has extensive facilities for preparing back up schedules for capital allowances, balancing charges / allowances, benefits in kind etc. It records multiple clients for multiple tax years with automatic carry forward of standing and transactions data. All Revenue forms are on-line and can be entered through the system, producing the appropriate tax return and necessary backing schedules. Conversely, entering the information through schedules fills in the correct form. Forms can be printed on colour printers, pre-printed stationery or in draft. Provision for ELS has been written into the system. The system allows critical date planning and automatic letter and report generation. It allows integration with MS-Office. All reports may be customized for visible/invisible columns, variable column width, user defined headers and footers, font selection etc