Mobility and Interface Solutions

Mobility is the way of life and irrespective of your existing and planned transactional business automation system, you will need to extend mobility interface to your internal users, customers, suppliers, business partner etc. This way all your partners can exchange information with your business application systems.

Type of Mobility Solutions

  • Mobility solution having 2 way interface with your ERP or CRM system
  • Mobility Solution with or without any integration to your business systems
  • IOT (Internet on Things) device integrated solutions for Healthcare and Manufacturing Industry

Nature of Applications developed by us

  • E-Commerce
  • Consignment Tracking
  • Medicine Delivery
  • Customer Relationship Management (2 way interface)
  • Productivity like Sales Field Force Management
  • Promotional for Media Industry


  • Android
    : Java / Kotlin
  • iOS
    : Swift / Xcode
  • Hybrid
    : IONIC / Mobile Angular UI


  • Android
  • iOS
  • Mobile Optimized web page

Key Features

  • Registration and account Management
  • Workflow management integrated with your ERP/CRM
  • WI-FI and GPS integration
  • Location based tracking
  • Integration with IOT devices


  • Design
  • Development including Web Services for your ERP/CRM
  • Manage your account and submission of App at Google Play store and Apple Store

Mobile Apps